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Network, Internet & Computer Solutions
Computer Problems? Don't give up - we can help.
Keeping your stuff safe. How to.
Do you want to share your DSL or a printer? Are you big enough for a server?
Information and links to ministries. Also news from a Biblical perspective.

Soli Deo Gloria!
Ed & Tama can provide custom photography for your website.
Mobile small business & in-home computer support. Infected? Virus & malware cleaning a specialty. Need a secure wireless network? We'll set it up and lock it down.
We come to you.
There is no need to pack up your computer and take it to a shop! We drive to your location to diagnose, clean and repair your machine.
Small business, home office, personal network.
Whether you just need your new printer set up or you need a complete network overhaul--we're here to help you!
Remote repair now available.
Hinckley's Hyperlinks can remotely connect to your machine to diagnose and fix some problems.

A working internet connection is necessary for remote repair.

Obviously, hardware repairs require on-site access.
Internet Explorer vulnerable, exploits & trackers. Java 6 & 7 vulnerable! Fix this now.
Onsite & Remote Service Available!