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Hinckley's Hyperlinks - Network
Network, Internet & Computer Solutions
Computer Problems? Don't give up - we can help.
Keeping your stuff safe. How to.
Do you want to share your DSL or a printer? Are you big enough for a server?
Information and links to ministries. Also news from a Biblical perspective.

Soli Deo Gloria!
Ed & Tama can provide custom photography for your website.
Mobile small business & in-home computer support since 1995. Need a secure wireless network? We'll set it up and lock it down.
Business Networks
Does your network make sense? Does it do what your business needs? Can you access your business safely from home? Are you protected from attacks over the internet? Would a dedicated server provide real value, or would it just cost you more?
Home Networks
Maybe you just need to connect a new machine to your DSL or cable modem. How about sharing that new All-in-one printer with the computer in the study. Don't forget to secure that wireless connection you have. How can I protect my children online?
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